Winter Survival Course (2 Days)

shelterThe Yukon winter is a beautiful but also a very unforgiving season. A broken down snow machine, bad weather surprising you on a snowshoe hike or ski trip, or breaking through while ice fishing could get you in serious trouble if you come unprepared. On this two day course we will cover the basic skills that could save your live if you are in a pinch during the cold time of the year.

After analyzing some of the most encountered risks during the winter time, we will focus on packing a basic survival kit and then use it to build various shelters, start a fire, secure drinking water and look for survival foods. Emergency strategies, basic survival navigation and signaling methods will also be covered.


  • Dec 22-23, 2016 
  • Additional dates available upon request between Nov 1, 2015 – April 15, 2016

Price: $240