Bushcraft Expedition Teslin River – 12 Days

_DSC0003Our Bushcraft Expeditions are a great way to learn and enjoy everything bushcraft! On these trips we combine the pure pleasure of traveling through the amazing wilderness of the Yukon Territory and learn new bushcraft and survival skills.

The Teslin River and its surrounding boreal forest offer a beautiful scenery and a great training ground for this Bushcraft Expedition. Our canoe tour starts in Johnson’s Crossing south of Whitehorse with an introduction into canoeing techniques. For about six days we will discover this wonderful river and its amazing campsites. And on the way we have enough time for you to learn all the basic skills a real woodsman/-woman needs to know: from setting up a wilderness camp, to navigation with map, compass and GPS, building and starting a fire, cooking and baking over an open fire. We will introduce you to the safe use of knife, axe and saw, show you how to use a fishing rod, clean and prepare your catch and how to tie all the knots a real scout needs to know.

_DSC0057You want to learn more? We will also assemble a survival kit for the back country and teach all the basic skills needed in a wilderness emergency: Shelter building, water treatment for drinking, signaling for help and were to find edibles in the woods.

Our Bushcraft Expeditions are well suited for people with average physical fitness. This tour is a relaxed learning experience combined with an adventure canoe trip and not an extreme survival challenge. If you are not sure weather this is for you, just call or email us and we will happily answer your questions.

Join us for great fun, a life changing learning experience and become a true master of the woods!


This tour is only being offered for 2018 upon special request. Please contact us if you are interested.