Outdoor Navigation I – Map & Compass (1 Day)

map&CompassIf you want to venture into the Wilderness with your backpack, by mountain bike, on snowshoes or skis, you not only need to know where you want to go, but also how to get there and how to find back home. In this one day class you will learn and practice all basic skills you need to master to safely navigate in the bush using map and compass.

How do I read a map? How do I use a compass? How can I efficiently combine those two tools in the field? How can I plan a wilderness trip based on a map? How can I navigate based on the suns position or by using stars? And what do I do if I got lost in the woods? This course will give you all the answers! Besides some basic lectures we will have plenty of time to go and practice the skills in the field.


We offer this course upon request. Just give us a call! 

Price: $125