Bushcraft & Survival Camp (5 Days)

tipiOur 5-day Bushcraft Basics course focuses on those skills that make long term living and rustic camping in the wilderness a pleasure. We will set up and furnish a rustic wilderness camp and learn how to choose, use and sharpen a knife for the woods, which axe and saw to pick and how to use it safely. Lessons on this course also include basic wood works, how to build and ignite a warming fire, back country cooking over the camp fire, edible plants in the boreal forest, how to use ropes and tie knots, basic snares for small game trapping, fishing with a spinning rod, and much more!


dutvh oven1Join us for a fun week out in the woods! This is were learning meets adventure!


  • September¬†10 – 14, 2018

Price: $750 per Person