Atlatl Workshop (1 Day)

The Atlatl is one of the oldest and most efficient hunting tools of humankind. The oldest found atlatl is about 17,500 years old and is believed that it was introduced to North America about 16,000 years ago through the Bering Land Bridge.

Handcrafting your own Atlatl and learning how to accurately throw the dart remains a fun way of reconnecting with our heritage as hunter and gatherer and also teaches you an invaluable skill set for a survival situation if the need for hunting small game arises.

At this one day workshop you will learn how to wood carve an Atlatl, assemble a dart using natural materials like bone, antler, stone, pitch and feathers. And you will have plenty of opportunity to practice using both at our training range.

We offer this course upon request. please give us a call! 

Price: $125 per Person