Bushcraft Courses & Workshops

Do you want to learn how to live safely and comfortably in the wilderness? Our bushcraft and survival courses are the right step towards your goal!

We hold a variety of workshops and courses in the middle of the vast and untouched wilderness of Canada’s Yukon Territory. Depending on the focus of the course we are able to utilize various training areas to perfectly prepare you for your own wilderness adventures.

Our guides and instructors come with years of experience in bushcraft and survival and offer you the opportunity to learn and develop your individual skill set under their super vision and guidance.

Wilderness Survival Introduction (1 Day)

Wilderness Survival Basics (3 Days)

Bushcraft Basics (3 Days)

Outdoor Navigation I – Map and Compass (1 Day)

Outdoor Navigation II – GPS (1 Day)

Atlatl Workshop (1 Day)

Campfire Cooking (1 Day)